This Month’s Journey

This is my first blog so I ask that you please bear with me until I figure out all the logistics!😊  I have many, many years experience of writing newsletters and lesson plans in the early childhood field so I am just going to treat this blog as an ongoing newsletter!

January 2018, new year, new month, new blog, new books!!!  This month each day of the week will have a theme and we will feature one book a day that relates to the theme. (Yes-I am theme obsessed! I live and plan by the theme!)

January themes are as follows:

Me Monday: Books will focus on promoting and building self-esteem, empowerment, encouragement, and positive self-image.

Teaching Values Tuesday:  Books will focus on respect of self and others, politeness, manners, and anti-bullying.

Wordly Wednesday:  Books will focus on introducing children to different regions, countries, cultures, races, religions, and traditions around the world.

Throw Back Thursday: Books will include my all-time favorite classic children’s books.

Family Friday:  Books will focus on the family unit, different types of families, and common family issues.

Stem Saturdays: Books will focus on imagination, creativity, invention and problem solving.

Silly Sundays: Fun and silly books that will make you laugh and want to read again and again!