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Title: You Get What You Get (2012)

Author: Julie Gassman

Illustrator: Sarah Horne

Publisher: Scholastic


Our first book feature for Teaching Values Tuesday is, You Get What You Get.  This book will open up the conversation with children about the values of gratitude and appreciation.  The main character in this book is Melvin, and Melvin is not a happy camper if he does not get his way.  Some of us may have a Melvin in our household or know of a Melvin!  Melvin’s mom tended to coddle and apologize to Melvin for any inconvenience not getting his way caused him.  But at school Melvin’s teacher laid down the law!  “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”  So Melvin towed the line at school, but when he got home he let it all out!…Until one day, Melvin let the school rule secret slip at home.  Things were different at home from then on!

How we wish lessons were learned as quickly as they are in the books we read to children.  Within a few turns of the pages you have a whole new kid!  Real life unfourtunately does not quite work that way!  Changing children’s negative  behavior to a more positive one is a process that takes time and differs for each child.  Raising grateful children who are appreciative and who do not feel a sense of entitlement can be difficult in this day and age but it can be done… if not one page at a time, then one day at a time!


My favorite line in this book: “Home and school, that’s the rule!”


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Keep them Spinning!

Title: Spin (2017)

Author: Rebecca Janni

Illustrator: George Ermos

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap (Penguin)


Our first Self-Concept book featured this month is Spin! Spin is a truly motivating and encouraging book for children. (Adults too!) Spin is an analogy to life’s ups and downs which we all experience. This book reinforces the message to never give up and to always keep going no matter what obstacles may come your way. Children will learn that when the going gets hard and tough, as it will, to press on to accomplish whatever goal they may be striving for! I love how the language in the story uses references to nature such as, “The world has higher mountains.” and, “The ocean has lower depths.” Spin is an ideal read for children who may be trying or experiencing something new and need that extra little push to keep going until they have reached their own personal level of satisfaction.

We must be children’s champions, coaches, cheer leaders, and their biggest fans! When they fall down we must be the ones to encourage and help them to get back up and try again. Children are naturally strong, determined, and resiliant from birth. We see this as babies are learning to crawl and walk, they keep trying until they are running (running us in circles!) Toddlers, as they are learning to speak new words and form sentences until they chatter nonstop! Preschoolers, as they master running, hopping, jumping, riding a tricycle, boucing a ball, balancing, (flipping off the back of your couch), etc… Sheer determination we must continue to nurture and not let wane as they grow older.

Favorite line in this book: “Keep my pace. Not a race. Do my best.”

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