Who Loves Double Dutch?

•Love Double Dutch! (2018)

•Doreen Spicer-Dannelly

•Random House Books for Young Readers

•Publishes April 3, 2018

•Recommended for Middle Schoolers +


Kayla loves double Dutch! (Per the title!) Double Dutch provides Kayla a positive outlet and distraction from her home life which is anything but stable. She finds her peace and solace when she is jumping and skipping to the rhythm of the ropes turning! So of course Kayla has her summer all planned out! Practice, practice, practice double Dutch with her team, the Double Dutch Jets, and win the National Jump-off in Madison Square Garden! But Kayla’s summer plans come crashing down when her parents decide to send her and her little brother to Charlotte, North Carolina for the rest of the summer…so they can work some things out! Kayla, disappointed and distraught that her chances at winning the Double Dutch Nationals are shot, begrudgingly goes to North Carolina for the remainder of the summer!


When Kayla lands in Charlotte she is happy to see her Aunt Jeanie, but her cousin Sally is a different story! While Sally and Kayla use to be really close they have grown apart and can hardly get along! What’s worse Aunt Jeanie has signed them up for a Day Camp! Really? But sometimes the worse situations can have surprising outcomes! When Kayla finds out the Day Camp offers double Dutch she might just have that shot at the Nationals after all!


Can Kayla and Sally work out their differences to accomplish something great! Will Kayla’s parents pull it together by the end of the summer for the sake of their children? Read Doreen Spicer-Dannelly’s, Love Double Dutch to find out!


Love Double Dutch! is a book I would recommend for readers who are at least middle schoolers and older. The storyline includes situations and language appropriate for mature readers. The relationship between her parents is somewhat volatile, and Kayla and her friends are at an age where they are discovering boys and how to relate to them. I love the use of double Dutch as a positive team sport and outlet, and how it brings family together in this story!


This is not Doreen Spicer-Dannelly’s first go ’round with double Dutch! She co-wrote the hit Disney movie, Jump In! (2007) Jump In! starred Corbin Bleu as a young male boxer who ends up joining an all girls double Dutch team!


Love Double Dutch! was received courtesy of Random House Books for Young Readers and Netgalley. This review is based on my own reading and opinions.

Little Brothers & Little Sisters…🕶A Lulu Looks Forward To Book Review!

•Little Brothers & Little Sisters (2018)

•Monica Arnaldo

•Owlkids Books

•Publishes April 15, 2018

Monica Arnaldo beautifully illustrates the special relationship and bond between siblings in, Little Brothers & Little Sisters! Younger siblings often look up to their older siblings for guidance and protection. Older siblings are the first role model for the younger sibling. Older siblings are often happy and proud to lead the way as long as the little ones do not get underfoot!

Siblings have a very special, unique, and sometimes complicated bond. And there is always a lot of give and take in the relationship!

But at the end of each day brothers and sisters, young and old, are always there for each other. To lift one another up whenever one needs a hand!

This is an awesome book for siblings of all ages to share and celebrate their life long friendship and love for one another!


Little Brothers & Little Sisters was received courtesy of Owlkids Books and Netgalley. This review is based on my own reading and opinions.

Eight Exciting Books to Celebrate Africa!

Celebrate and Explore the Beauty of Africa with Children by Reading these Eight Stunning Books!


🌏The Twelve Dancing Princesses (2007)

Author & Illustrator: Rachel Isadora

📚One King with twelve daughters who disappear each night! Which one will be chosen to be the Princess? An African retelling of the Grimm’s classic tale!

🌏Catch that Goat (2002)

Author & Illustrator: Polly Alakja

📚Where could Ayoka’s goat have gone to? And why does everything keep disappearing in the market!

🌍Jamela’s Dress (1999)

Author & Illustrator: Niki Daly

📚Will Jamela’s dress make it to the wedding?

🌍Elizabeti’s Doll (1998)

Author: Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

Illustrator: Christy Hale

📚Elizabeti wants a doll to care for just like her Mama cares for her baby brother. Witness the power of a child’ imagination in this story!

🌍I Am Eyes•Ni Macho (1978)

Author: Leila Ward

Illustrator: Nonny Hogrogian

📚Experience the beauty of Africa through the eyes of the sun!

🌍Old Mikemba Had A Farm (2013)

Author & Illustrator: Rachel Isadora

📚Classic Old McDonald with a Saharan twist!

🌍Mama Africa!: How Miriam Makeba Spread Hope with Her Song (2017)

Author: Kathryn Erskine

Illustrator: Charly Palmer

📚Mama Africa! The woman who fought for South Africa song by song!

🌍We All Went on Safari!: A Counting Journey through Tanzania (2003)

Author: Laurie Krebs

Illustrator: Julia Cairns

📚Learn to count from 1 to 10 in Swahili with some spectacular animals!