Books on Self-Concept

Face It!

Title: Freckleface Strawberry (2007)

Author: Julianne Moore

Illustrated By: LeUyen Pham

Published By: Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children’s Books


Celebrate Me Monday by celebrating yourself!  This is exactly what Freckleface Strawberry did!  Freckleface Strawberry had freckles, (if you had not guessed that by now!), and red hair!  At first Freckleface Strawberry did not embrace her freckles.  She wondered where they came from.  Her father did not have freckles, her mother did not have freckles, her sister did not even have freckles!  Only her baby brother, but he did not count!  Freckleface Strawberry was subjected to the daily teasing and taunting that children do when someone is different than them.  She was told she looked dirty, dotted, and like a giraffe!  Freckleface Strawberry did not want freckles!  She tried everything to get rid of them!  But the freckles remained!  So, she decided just to hide her freckles by wearing a ski mask to cover her face.  She soon finds out that one should not hide from one’s true self!  (Plus, wearing a ski mask all day is hot and itchy!)

Freckleface Strawberry is a wonderful book to teach children to be proud and true to who they are!  Our differences are what sets us apart from one another, making each of us special and unique!  No one should be ashamed of who they are.  Children should embrace their skin, hair, body, abilities, etc…  We cannot expect others to accept who we are unless we first accept and love ourselves! Teach children self-love, self-acceptance, and self-determination.  Children who have a strong sense of self-worth can rise above those who have not yet learned the power of acceptance.  Love thyself and eveything else will fall into place! 🔷

Favorite line in this book: “In fact, she lived happily ever after.” 🔷

3 other books by Julianne Moore:

▪Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully (2009)

▪Freckleface Strawberry Best Friend’s Forever (2011)

▪My Mom Is a Foreigner, But Not to Me (2013)


LeUyen Pham also illustrated:

▪Grace for President (2008)

Silly Books

Where Are We?

Title: We’re in the Wrong Book! (2015)

Author: Richard Byrne

Published by: Scholastic


It is Silly Sunday!  A fun way to end and begin a new week!  For a silly adventure read We’re in the Wrong Book!  Follow Bella and Ben as they are bumped off of the page of their book into another!  They journey through all kinds of different books!  Counting books, comic books, puzzle books, fairy tales, even a scary book!  This is a light-hearted, fun read for kids.  Reading is fun!  You just have to find the right book!  We hope your sunday is silly and fun!

3 other books by Richard Byrne:

▪The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur          (2012)

▪This Book Just Ate My Dog (2014)

▪This Book is Out of Control (2016)

Books on Stem

Windy Day!

Title: The Wind Blew (1974)

Author & Illustrator: Pat Hutchins

Published By: Simon & Schuster 


The Wind Blew is our first book featured on Stem Saturday!  Stem is the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Todays book focuses on climate and weather and the effects of wind.  Children will follow this classic tale as the wind gust and picks up peoples  things along the way.  From an umbrella, to a balloon, even a judge’s wig!  The wind floats these items in the air until it stops and throws everything back down!  At the end of the story the wind blows away to sea.  Use this book to discuss wind energy and power with children.  Also discuss the weight of the different types of items the wind could pick up in the book.  Have fun on a windy day by going outside with a collection of items and do your own experiment as to which items the wind blows and those it does not.  

3 other books by Pat Hutchins:

▪The Doorbell Rang (1986)

▪Ten Red Apples (2000)

▪Bumpety Bump (2006)

Books on Family

We Are Family!

Title: We Are Family (2017)

Author: Patricia Hegarty

Illustrated By: Ryan Wheatcroft

Publisher: Tiger Tales


We Are Family is our first book featured on Family Fridays!   This book is awesome!!!  It shows families of different races, ethnicities and cultures.  Big families, little families, young families, and older families.  Families with one parent, two parents, families with two moms, and families with two dads.  Families of different abilities.  This book covers it all.  Follow different families throughout their day from the early morning rush until they settle in for the night!  Some families walk, ride, or drive everywhere they go.  Families have fun with one another in different ways.  Some relax in the peace and quiet of nature while some get their thrills on a roller coaster ride!  But one thing that all families have in common is unconditional love and support!  The illustrations in this book are so soft, warm, and inviting!  There is so much detail and the beautiful colors used throughout compliment the book so well!  I love how you get a snapshot of each family as if you were flipping through a photo album!



¤My favorite line in this book:

“Our journeys are different, by bus, bike, or car, But family is with us, wherever we are.”


¤3 other books by Patricia Hegarty:
▪Bear’s Truck is Stuck (2015)

▪Above and Below (2016)

▪Everybody’s Welcome (2017)


¤Ryan Wheatcroft also illustrated:

▪Camels Close Their Noses (2015)

Classic Children's Books

Peachy Keen!


Title: Each Peach Pear Plum (1978)

Author: Janet & Allan Ahlberg

Originally Published by: Kestrel

Current Publisher: Peguin Young Reader


Each Peach Pear Plum is our first Classic Children’s book feature for Throwback Thursday!  A classic I Spy book!  Children will enjoy looking for their favorite nursery rhyme characters such as, Mother Hubbard, Jack and Jill, the Three Bears, etc…  Young children will have fun searching through the beautifully illustrated pictures and enjoy the details on every page!  Each Peach Pear Plum is a timeless childhood classic that is still fun to read with children today!

About the Authors: Janet (Oct. 21, 1944-Nov. 15, 1994) and Allan Ahlberg (June 5, 1938) were a dynamic husband and wife writer/illustrator team in Britain. Allan writing and Janet illustrating.  They published over 100 children’s books between the two of them, many authored together, their first book was published in 1976!


Awards for Each Peach Pear Plum:

▪Kate Greenaway Medal  (1978)

🌟 The Kate Greenway Medal is an annual British literary award for distinguished illustration in a children’s book.


3 other books by Janet & Allan Ahlberg:

▪Funny Bones (1980)

▪The Jolly Postman (1986)

▪Starting School (1988)

Books on Diversity


Title: Whoever You Are (1997)

Author: Mem Fox

Illustrator: Leslie Staub

Publisher: Voyager Books


Our first Worldly Wednesday book feature is Whoever You Are.  The perfect book to express what Wordly Wednesdays are all about!  This book shows children that there is a great big world out there!  And in this world there are many, many peope who are different from them, and that is what makes this world so special!  Whoever You Are teaches children that just because someone may look different than you, live somewhere different, dress differently, eat different foods that we are all the same inside.  All children smile, laugh, hurt, and cry at times.  What we share on the inside is way more important that outward appearances.  We must teach this to all children to rid the world of all the -ism’s we are faced with everyday.  Young children do not see color, race, religion, culture as factors unless they have been taught and conditioned to do so.  When a young child goes to the playground they are just looking for another child to play with regardless of any differences.  This is the innocence of childhood that we must preserve.  If we begin early when children are young they will better understand that we are all one people, and no one person is better than another!  We must teach children to be respectful, accepting and understanding of the world and people around them.  Teach them to look for the similarities among us rather than what sets us apart.  It is time to change the world and it begins with children.

Favorite line in this book: “Joys are the same, and love is the same.”

3 other books by Mem Fox:

▪Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild (2000)

▪A Particular Cow (2006)

▪Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes  (2008)

Leslie Staub also illustrated:

▪Bless this House (2000)

Books on Values

Get it!

Title: You Get What You Get (2012)

Author: Julie Gassman

Illustrator: Sarah Horne

Publisher: Scholastic


Our first book feature for Teaching Values Tuesday is, You Get What You Get.  This book will open up the conversation with children about the values of gratitude and appreciation.  The main character in this book is Melvin, and Melvin is not a happy camper if he does not get his way.  Some of us may have a Melvin in our household or know of a Melvin!  Melvin’s mom tended to coddle and apologize to Melvin for any inconvenience not getting his way caused him.  But at school Melvin’s teacher laid down the law!  “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”  So Melvin towed the line at school, but when he got home he let it all out!…Until one day, Melvin let the school rule secret slip at home.  Things were different at home from then on!

How we wish lessons were learned as quickly as they are in the books we read to children.  Within a few turns of the pages you have a whole new kid!  Real life unfourtunately does not quite work that way!  Changing children’s negative  behavior to a more positive one is a process that takes time and differs for each child.  Raising grateful children who are appreciative and who do not feel a sense of entitlement can be difficult in this day and age but it can be done… if not one page at a time, then one day at a time!


My favorite line in this book: “Home and school, that’s the rule!”


3 other books by Julie Gassman:

▪Crabby Pants (2010)

▪Elanor Won’t Share (2012)

▪Lucielle Gets Jealous (2012)


Sarah Horne also illustrated:

▪Llama United (2017)

Books on Self-Concept

Keep them Spinning!

Title: Spin (2017)

Author: Rebecca Janni

Illustrator: George Ermos

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap (Penguin)


Our first Self-Concept book featured this month is Spin!  Spin is a truly motivating and encouraging book for children. (Adults too!)  Spin is an analogy to life’s ups and downs which we all experience.  This book reinforces the message to never give up and to always keep going no matter what obstacles may come your way.  Children will learn that when the going gets hard and tough, as it will, to press on to accomplish whatever goal they may be striving for!  I love how the language in the story uses references to nature such as, “The world has higher mountains.” and, “The ocean has lower depths.”  Spin is an ideal read for children who may be trying or experiencing something new and need that extra little push to keep going until they have reached their own personal level of satisfaction.

We must be children’s champions, coaches, cheer leaders, and their biggest fans!   When they fall down we must be the ones to encourage and help them to get back up and try again.  Children are naturally strong, determined, and resiliant from birth.  We see this as babies are learning to crawl and walk, they keep trying until they are running (running us in circles!) Toddlers, as they are learning to speak new words and form sentences until they chatter nonstop!  Preschoolers, as they master running, hopping, jumping, riding a tricycle, boucing a ball, balancing, (flipping off the back of your couch), etc… Sheer determination we must continue to nurture and not let wane as they grow older.

Favorite line in this book: “Keep my pace.  Not a race.  Do my best.”


3 Other Books by Rebecca Janni:

▪Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse  (2010)

▪Jammy Dance (2012)

▪Nellie Sue, Happy Camper (2013)



George Ermos also illustrated:

▪Dough Knights and Dragons (2017)