Silly Books

Don’t Touch!

Title: Don’t Touch This Book (2016)

Author & Illustrator: Bill Cotter

Published By: Sourcebooks 


Looking for a silly and interactive book to read this Silly Sunday?  This is it!  But…Don’t Touch This Book!  How will I read it you say, if I cannot touch it?  Well okay, you can start out with only one finger, then Wow!  All of your fingers…Cool!  SPIN and Whoa!!!  Children will love playing with Larry in this book. (That is Larry pictured on the front! It is his book you know!)  By the end of this book you will be swimming and sliding in rainbows, talking like a robot and flying away from dinosaurs!  
3 other books by Bill Cotter: 
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Silly Books

Where Are We?

Title: We’re in the Wrong Book! (2015)

Author: Richard Byrne

Published by: Scholastic


It is Silly Sunday!  A fun way to end and begin a new week!  For a silly adventure read We’re in the Wrong Book!  Follow Bella and Ben as they are bumped off of the page of their book into another!  They journey through all kinds of different books!  Counting books, comic books, puzzle books, fairy tales, even a scary book!  This is a light-hearted, fun read for kids.  Reading is fun!  You just have to find the right book!  We hope your sunday is silly and fun!

3 other books by Richard Byrne:

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