Played by Carlos Santana…

July 20, 1947 Carlos Santana Born
▪Santana was born in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico

▪Santana’s father was a great mariachi performer who taught his son how to read music and play the violin at the young age of five

▪Santana and his family moved to Tijuana after his father relocated there to find more work, Santana soon begins playing on the streets for tourist around the age of ten

▪As a child Santana did not enjoy playing the violin, and he finds his true calling when he hears an electric guitar being played over the radio

▪When Santana is a little older he begins playing in cantinas with his father where he tried to spice up the songs in the flavor of American blues artist like Ray Charles and B.B. King, but his father did not allow this and he does allow him to play in the cantina anymore

▪Though his father did not agree with Santana’s favoring blues over mariachi he still supported him and bought him his very first electric guitar

▪Santana would eventually merge the two genres of music together to create a new sound of rock, blues, jazz, and Latin, known as, “world music”

▪Santana has sold over one hundred million records and has won ten Grammys

▪In 1998 Santana waa inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Book Feature: Carlos Santana: Sound of the Heart, Song of the World (2018)
Written by: Gary Golio Illustrated by: Rudy Gutierrez

Nelson Mandela Day!

July 18, 1918: Nelson Mandela Born
▪Born Rolihlahla Mandela, in Xhosa Rolihlahla means “troublemaker”

▪Mandela’s father was Chief of the Thembu Tribe of
Mvezo in South Africa

▪Mandela was the first in his family to receive a formal education

▪”Nelson” was the English name given to Mandela by his Missionary school teacher

▪Mandela is also known by his family name, “Madiba”, a name of honor, affection and respect

▪Mandela worked as a law clerk in Johannesburg while completing his studies for a law degree

▪Mandela was a member and leader of the African National Congress which stood up to and fought against apartheid

▪In 1952 Mandela opened the first black law firm in South Africa providing legal assistance to those affected by apartheid

▪In 1962 Mandela was sentenced to life in prison for actions in his fight against apartheid

▪In 1990 after twenty-seven years in prison the newly elected president of South Africa ordered Mandela’s release

▪Mandela continued to fight against apartheid after his release, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for his works in ending apartheid

▪In 1994 Mandela became the first Black President of South Africa
Book Feature: Nelson Mandela (2013)
Written & Illustrated by: Kadir Nelson

Toni “Tomboy” Stone: Baseball Dreams!

July 17, 1921: Toni “Tomboy” Stone Born
▪Born Marcenia Lyle

▪Stone was the first African American Woman to play professional baseball in the Men’s Negro League

▪Stone’s love of playing baseball began when she was just a young child, proving her way onto an all-boys baseball camp and playing on boy’s teams because girl’s teams were segregated

▪To be able to join the teenage American Legion Junior League Stone reported her age to be ten years younger than she actually was
▪Stone replaced Hank Aaron on the Indianapolis Clowns when he moved to the Major Leagues

▪Stone refused to wear shorts or a skirt on the field as was customary for women baseball players at the time

▪Stone once got a hit off of the great pitcher Satchel Paige

▪In 1985 Stone was inducted into the Women’s Sports Foundation International Sports Hall of Fame

@theroot 2015 article by Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Book Feature: Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girls Baseball Dream (2010)
Written by: Crystal Hubbard
Illustrated by: Randy Duburke