October Reading Journey: Children’s Books To Celebrate (Almost) Everyday In October! With a Whole Lot of Diversity and Little Splashes of History!

October 1-15

🌍Hispanic Heritage Month Continues
October 1

🙆🏾National Hair Day

You may look, and you may stare but don’t you dare…touch my hair! Don’t Touch My Hair! (2018) Written & Illustrated by Sharee Miller
A king always has a fresh crown! A poetic celebration of black boy joy! Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut (2017) Written by Derrick Barnes with Illustrations by Gordan C. James
The love between a father and daughter is as tight and unique as the beautiful curls and coils that reign upon her head! Hair Love (2019) Written by Matthew A. Cherry with Illustrations by Vashti Harrison

🍪National Homemade Cookie Day

If you give a mouse a house he will bake cookies! Mouse makes the best homemade cookies, and so can you with the easy cookies recipes included in this book! The Best Mouse Cookie (1999) Written by Laura Numeroff with Illustrations by Felecia Bond
How can Kanga possibly make homemade cookies without any cookie dough? Read to the tune of, “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar”, to find out who ate all the cookie dough! Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? (2008) Written by Karen Beaumont with Illustrations by Eugene Yelchin
Christopher makes his parents a batch of homemade cookies…the only question is are the edible? Classic storytelling by Robert Munsch! Mmm, Cookies!(2000) Written by Robert Munsch with Illustrations by Michael Martchenko

October 2

🌱National Pumpkin Seed Day

Make math fun this month with pumpkin seed counting! This story will get kids excited about estimations and skip-counting! How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? (2010) Written by Margaret McNamara with Illustrations by G. Brian Karas
Little pumpkin seed cannot wait to become a full grow pumpkin so he can scare everyone with his, “Boo!” Little Boo (2014) Written by Stephen Wunderli with Illustrations by Tim Zeltner

October 4

🌍National Diversity Day

In our school, We Welcome All and All are Welcome! Join these students as they celebrate diversity throughout their school day! All Are Welcome (2018) Written by Alexandra Penfold with Illustrations by Suzanne Kaufman
Children with enjoy learning how to Say Hello in nine different languages, as Carmelita strolls through her neighborhood! Say Hello! (2010) Written & Illustrated by Rachel Isadora
Step into the lives of seven kids from around the world as they go about their day. Children will learn how we are more alike than different! This is How We Do It (2017) Written & Illustrated by Matt LaMothe
“People make the world go ’round!” This beautiful book celebrates the diversity that is our world! People (1988) Written & Illustrated by Peter Spier
Diversity is Lovely! Lovely (2017) Written & Illustrated by Jess Hong

🌮National Taco day

Written by actor Mario Lopez, an afternoon of making wormy, squirmy mud tacos makes Mario and Marissa hungry for nana’s real tacos! Mud Tacos! (2009) Written by Mario Lopez & Marissa Lopez-Wong with Illustrations by Maryn Roos
Little Taco Truck will not be overshadowed by any other food truck, no matter what they are serving up! Little Taco Truck (2019) Written by Tanya Valentine with Illustrations by Jorge Martin
Dragons love tacos this is true, but spicy salsa is one topping they do not do! Dragons Love Tacos (2012) Written by Adam Rubin with Illustrations by Daniel Salmieri
The Dragons are back in this sequel to Dragons Love Tacos! Can the Dragons save the tacos before they go extinct? Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel (2017) Written by Adam Rubin with Illustrations by Daniel Salmieri

National Golf Lover’s Day

During the 1930’s African Americans were not allowed to play in the Professional Golf Association. This is the true story of Charlie Sifford who became the first African American to win a PGA tournament! Charlie Takes His Shot: How Charlie Sifford Broke the Color Barrier in Golf (2018) Written by Nancy Churnin with Illustrations by John Joven
In the 1920’s though there were African American golfers, there were no golf courses where they were welcome to play. William Powell changed all of that when he designed, built, and owned his own golf course! Twice as Good: The Story of William Powell and Clearview, the Only Golf Course Designed, Built, and Owned by an African American (2012) Written by Richard Michelson with Illustrations by Eric Velasquez

😁World Smile Day

From the author who tugged at our heart strings in, The Invisible String, this is story of how one smile can travel the world! The Smile That Went Around the World (2009) Written by Patrice Karst with Illustrations by Jana Christy

October 5

✏Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Born (1958)

Take an exciting journey through our wonderous universe, while learning fascinating facts and terminology about space with astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson! Look Up with Me: Neil DeGrasse Tyson: A Life Among the Stars (2019) Written by Jennifer Berne with Illustrations by Lorraine Nam

🌌Astronomy Day

Swift Walker takes you on a Space Adventure that is truly out of this world! Children will have a blast learning about the planets and the solar system! Swift Walker: A Space Adventure (2016) Written by Verlyn Tarlton with Illustrations by Norma Andriani Eka Putri
In an age where everyone seems to have their eyes glued to a screen, Rocket reminds us to, Look Up to the skies, least we miss the wonders on the world! Look up! (2019) Written by Nathan Bryon with Illustrations by Dapa Adeola

📏World Teacher’s Day

A classic book about the, “Baddest”, and by that, I mean, “Best”, teacher around! Miss Nelson is Missing! (1977) Written by Harry Allard with illustrations by James Marshall

October 6

Civil Rights Activist Fannie Lou Hamer Born (1917)

A poetic journey of the life and experiences of Fannie Lou Hamer, a prominent voice of the Civil Rights Movement! Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer: Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement (2015) Written by Carol Boston Weatherford with Illustrations by Ekua Holmes

Inventor Lonnie Johnson Born (1949)

If you, your children, or grandchildren had a blast playing with super-soakers during the summertime, give thanks to inventor Lonnie Johnson! Whoosh!: Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions (2016) Written by Chris Barton with Illustrations by Don Tate

Football Player Tony Dungy Born (1955)

Former professional football player, Tony Dungy encourages kids to keep dreaming, and lets them know that anything is possible in this adorable story about brothers Tony and Linden! You Can Do It! (2008) Written by Tony Dungy with Illustrations by Amy June Bates
The Dungy Children Series shares life-lessons, and the importance of family in these leveled- readers for beginning readers! A Team Stays Together! (2011) Written by Tony Dungy with Illustrations by Vanessa Brantley Newton

🚒Fire Prevention Week (October 6-October 12)

In addition to teaching stop, drop, and roll this week, introduce children to America’s first female firefighter, Molly Williams! Molly, by Golly!: The Legend of Molly Williams, America’s First Female Firefighter (2012) Written by Dianne Ochiltree with Illustrations by Kathleen Kemly

October 7

Human Rights Activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu Born (1931)

This true story from Desmond Tutu’s childhood will help children learn a constructive and positive way to deal with mean and hurtful words from others. Desmond and the Very Mean Word (2013) Written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Douglas Carlton Abrams with Illustrations by A.G. Ford

🛀Bathtub Day

Silly Songs for when your mom forgets you’re in the bathtub! I’m Still Here in the Bathtub!: Brand New Silly Dilly Songs (2010) Written by Alan Katz with Illustrations by David Catrow

October 8

Author/Illustrator Faith Ringgold Born (1930)

A beautiful dreamy classic book from award-winning author/illustrator Faith Ringgold. Tar Beach (1991) Written & Illustrated by Faith Ringgold

Environmentalist Wangari Maathi won the Nobel Peace Prize (2004)

Wangari Maathi knew the power of trees. When she returns home to find the precious forest surrounding her village being cut down, she knows she must act! Maathi started a movement that has planted tens of millions of trees in Kenya! Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa (2008) Written & Illustrated by Jeanette Winter
Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace (2010) Written by Jen Cullerton Johnson with Illustrations by Sonia Lynn Sadler

October 9

🛑National Stop Bullying Day

Adapted by his daughter, Cedella Marley, Bob Marley’s timeless song of activism and unity, is now an inspiring anthem for children to stand up to bullying and injustice! Get Up, Stand Up (2019) Adapted by Cedella Marley with Illustrations by John Jay Cabuay
Who would ever bully sweet little Llama Llama? A Bully Goat, that’s who! So what’s a little llama to do? Llama Llama and the Bully Goat (2013) Written & Illustrated by Anna Dewdney
“…Words will never hurt me” Except sometimes they do, so remember to always be kind! Stick and Stone (2015) Written by Beth Ferry with Illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld

👟National Sneaker Day

Sneakers, kicks, tennis, trainers, whatever you may call them, today is the day to celebrate with your favorite pair! My Kicks: A Sneaker Story! (2017) Written by Susan Verde with Illustrations by Katie Kath
Everybody in school is wearing Those Shoes, and Jeremy like everyone else wants a pair. But Those Shoes are nowhere in his Grandma’s budget. A touching story with a heartfelt lesson! Those Shoes (2007) Written by Maribeth Boelts with Illustrations by Noah Z. Jones

October 10

👜National Handbag Day

What’s in Grandma Mimi’s Purse? A little bit of everything! Maybe even a treat for you! Grandma’s Purse (2018) Written & illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton
A boy, a purse, and a skateboard! This story will inspire children to embrace and find comfort in just being who they are! I Love my Purse (2017) Written by Belle Demont with Illustrations by Sonja Wimmer
Lilly is finessing in her purple, plastic purse until her teacher interrupts her vibe in this Kevin Henkes classic! Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse (1996) Written & Illustrated by Kevin Henkes

🌍World Homelessness Day

Zettie and Mama have come to the United States from Jamaica, but life here is a struggle. While Mama is working hard by going to school, jobs are hard to come by, and the two find themselves spending the night in their car on more nights that not. This story is an eye-opening reminder to adults, and children as well, of the prevalence of homelessness within the United States today. A Shelter in Our Car (2004) Written by Monica Gunning with Illustrations by Elaine Pedlar

October 11

Dancer Clayton “Peg Leg” Bates Born (1907)

The true story of Peg Leg Bates, whose passion for tap-dancing did not end with the lost of one leg! Knockin’ on Wood: Starring Peg Leg Bates (2004) Written & Illustrated by Lynne Barasch

👧🏾International Day Of The Girl

Author, Scientist, Lawyer, Snowboarder, Artist…YES! Girl, You Can Do Anything! Girls Can Do Anything! (2018) Written by Caryl Hart with Illustrations by Ali Pye

🥚World Egg Day

A folktale of two sisters, different as day and night, who learn a lesson between being cruel and nice. The Talking Eggs (1989) Written Robert D. Sans Souci with Illustrations by Jerry Pinkney
Always be a Good Egg, even when all the other eleven in the dozen are not! The Good Egg (2019) Written by Jory John with Illustrations by Pete Oswald

October 12

🍲National Gumbo Day

Gumbo is the ultimate comfort food, and there is nothing in the world like a steaming hot bowl of delicious gumbo! And that is just what grandfather and his granddaughter are cooking up! Go Go Gumbo Written & Illustrated by Adjoa J. Burrowes

🛵National Motorcycle Ride Day

Daisy Ramona’s best days are the ones she spends riding around her town with her Papi on his motorcycle! My Papa Has a Motorcycle (2019) Written by Isabel Quintero with Illustrations by Zeke Peña

I Love Yarn Day

Yarn Lovers will love this story of the never ending Yarn that Annabelle discovers! Extra Yarn (2012) Written by Mac Barnett with Illustrations by Jon Klassen
Mothers and daughters who knit together, have fun together! Knit Together (2014) Written & Illustrated by Angela Dominguez

October 13

United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Born (1989)

When you are a United States Representative you REPRESENT! And that is exactly what freshman representative Ocasio-Cortez has been doing everyday since she joined the United States Congress! This ABC book will give children a look into the United States government, and the role and importance of activism! The ABC’s of AOC: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from A to Z (2019) Written by Jamia Wilson with illustrations by Krystal Quiles

🔴National M&M’s Day

Some delicious counting here! Children will have fun seeing if they can count the M&M’s before they eat them! The M&M’s Brand Counting Book (1995) Written by Barbara Barbieri McGrath

October 14

🌍Indigenous Peoples’ Day

A little girl learns about her grandmother’s childhood, and the lonely times spent in a residential school, as the reason why she embraces her family and heritage so compassionately now. When We Were Alone (2016) Written by David A. Robertson with Illustrations by Julie Flett
A sweet lullaby for a sweet baby and the animals of the Artic! Kulu is an Inuktitut term of endearment. Sweetest Kulu (2013) Written by Celina Kalluk with Illustrations by Alexandria Neonakis
Find your happiness in this endearing story! My Heart Fills with Happiness (2016) Written by Monique Gray Smith with Illustrations by Julie Flett

October 15

🐶National Pug Day

Meet Pig, he’s the world’s greediest Pug! Pig the Pug (2014) Written & Illustrated by Aaron Blabey

😡National Grouch Day

The Grouch Guide straight from the Grouch himself! How to Be a Grouch: By Oscar the Grouch (1976) Written & Illustrated by Carroll Spinney
Now why ever would a lovely little ladybug be a Grouch? Am Eric Carle classic! The Grouchy Ladybug (1977) Written & Illustrated by Eric Carle

October 16

✏Million Man March (1995)

On October 16, 1995, one million black men came together to march for their families and communities! One Million Men and Me (2007) Written by Kelly Starling Lyons with Illustrations by Peter Ambush

🍴World Food Day

Have fun learning about what lunch looks like for kids all around the world! This is the Way We Eat Our Lunch: A Book About Children Around the World (1995) Written by Edith Baer with Illustrations by Steve Bjôrkman
On this World Food Day, let us remember that, like Maddi, there are tens of millions of food insecure households in the United States alone. When Maddi’s friend Sofia notices that Maddi’s fridge in starkly empty, she takes action to lend a hand, because that’s what friends are for! Maddi’s Fridge (2014) Written by Lois Brandt with Illustrations by Vin Vogel

📝National Learn a Word Day

Learn many new words with the help of Jerome, The ultimate Word Collector! The Word Collector (2018) Written & Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

October 17

Astronaut Mae Jemison Born (1956)

From the time Mae Jemison was a little girl she dreamed of reaching the stars, and in 1992 she became the first African American woman to travel in space! Mae Among The Stars (2018) Written by Roda Ahmed with Illustrations by Stasia Burrington

Musician Ziggy Marley Born (1968)

Ziggy Marley is the eldest son of Bob Marley, and has followed in his father’s musical genius footsteps! This books is an adaptation of his song of the same name. I Love You Too (2014) Written by Ziggy Marley with Illustrations by Ag Jatkowska

✊🏾Black Poetry Day

Introduce children to poetry with this collection of poems by twenty diverse poets! Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets (2017) Written by Kwame Alexander and others with Illustrations by Ekua Holmes

🍝National Pasta Day

Can the pasta escape their ultimate fate before they are served up on the plate? The Great Pasta Escape (2017) Written by Miranda Paul with Illustrations by Javier Joaquin

October 18

Musician Wynton Marsalis Born (1961)

Wynton Marsalis is an internationally acclaimed trumpeter of jazz music as well as a composer, bandleader, and teacher! This book will introduce children into the wonderous world of jazz! Jazz A-B-Z: An A to Z Collection of Jazz Portraits (2005) Written by Wynton Marsalis with Illustrations by Paul Rogers

October 19

👭National New Friends Day

You can brighten someone’s whole day, and make a new friend just by being kind! Be Kind (2018) Written by Zietlow Miller with Illustrations by Jen Hill

October 20

Jelly Roll Martin Born (1890)

In 1902 Jelly Roll Morton was one of jazz’s earliest pianist, bandleader, and composer, Morton is the self-proclaimed inventor of jazz! How Jelly Roll Morton Invented Jazz (2015) Written by Jonah Winter with Illustrations by Keith Mallett

Writer Nikki Grimes Born (1950)

Nikki Grimes is an award winning author, poet, and journalist! From a Child’s Heart: Poems by Nikki Grimes (1992) with Illustrations by Brenda Joysmith

Senator Kamala Harris Born (1964)

Inside all of us is a Superhero! An inspiring message from Senator and 2020 Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. Superheroes are Everywhere (2019) Written by Kamala Harris with Illustrations by Mechal Renee Roe

🌍Cuban Culture Day

Take a ride through beautiful Havana, Cuba to attend a family celebration! All the Way to Havana (2017) Written by Margarita Engle with Illustrations by Mike Curato

🐵International Sloth Day

Why are sloths sooooooooo sloooooow? Maybe we all can learn a thing or two in this beautiful book, with a forward by Jane Goodall herself! “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth (2002) Written & Illustrated by Eric Carle
What happens to a family when a sloth comes to stay? They learn to slow down and enjoy the day! The Sloth Who Came to Stay (2017) Written by Margaret Wild with Illustrations by Vivienne To

October 21

Musician Dizzy Gillespie Born (1917)

Dizzy Gillespie was a jazz trumpeter, composer, and bandleader who introduced the world to bebop! This book tells the story of the Prince of Jazz, from childhood to stardom! Dizzy ( 2006) Written by Jonah Winter with Illustrations by Sean Qualls

Singer Celia Cruz Born (1925)

Celia Cruz was a force to be reckoned with in the world of Salsa! Children can follow her sensational journey from Cuba to the United States, and how she became…the Salsa Queen! My Name is/Me llamo Celia: The Life of Celia Cruz/La vida de Celia Cruz (2004) Written by Monica Brown with Illustrations by Rafael Lopez
Celia Cruz: Queen of Salsa (2005) Written by Veronica Chambers with Illustrations by Julie Maren

Ron McNair Born (1950)

The little boy who in the 1950’s was not allowed to check out books from a South Carolina library, grew up to be the second African American to go to space! Ron’s Big Mission (2009) Written by Rose Blue & Corinne J. Naden with Illustrations by Don Tate

October 22

🎨National Color Day

Verde, rojo, azul, naranja, amarillo! Children will have fun learning their colors in Spanish! Green is a Chile Pepper: A Book of Colors (2014) Written by Rosanna Greenfield Thong with Illustrations by John Parra
Children will discover the beauty and traditions of Islam in this stunning book! Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors (2012) Written by Hena Khan with Illustrations by Mehrdokht Amini
Colors have no limits! This book dispels the old adage that, “Blue in for boys”, and “Pink is for girls!” Pink is for Boys (2018) Written by Robb Pearlman with Illustrations by Eda Kaban

🌰National Nut Day

An acorn is a nut that miraculously grows into a mighty oak tree! Little Acorn (2018) By IglooBooks
A new student’s peanut allergy sparks a reinvention of the school café! The Peanut-Free Café (2006) Written by Gloria Koster with Illustrations by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

😎Smart is Cool Day

We are all smart in our own way, and it has always been Cool to be Smart…glad everyone else is catching on! All the Ways to Be Smart (2018) Written by Davina Bell with Illustrations by Allison Colpoys

October 23

Soccer Player Pelé Born (1940)

Pele, the boy who once played with soccer balls he made from rags in Brazil, became the greatest soccer player of all time! Young Pelé: Soccer’s First Star (2007) Written by Lesa Cline-Ransome with Illustrations by James E. Ransome

💃🏽World Ballet Day

Sassy has big dreams of Dancing, but does she have what it takes? Written by award-winning dancer, choreographer, and actress, Debbie Allen, this beautiful story of determination will inspire children to live out their dreams! Dancing in the Wings (2000) Written by Debbie Allen with Illustrations by Kadir nelson
Because, Boys Ballet too! Tucker dances from the time he wakes up in the morning, until he goes to bed at night, but will he let the taunts and teasing from the other boys discourage him from dancing his heart out? The Only Boy in Ballet Class (2007) Written by Denise Gruska with Illustrations by Amy Wummer

October 25

Artist Pablo Picasso Born (1881)

An introduction to the life of Pablo Picasso through one hundred of his painting! 100 Pablo Picassos (2015) Illustrated by Violet Lemay

😱National Frankenstein Friday

Crankenstein is the cutest Frankenstein you will ever meet! But watch out…”MEHHRRRR!” Crankenstein (2013) Written by Samantha Berger with Illustrations by Dan Santat
Get to know all about Frankenstein and if he really is as frightening as he seems! Does Frankenstein Get Hungry? (2018) Written & Illustrations by John Solimine

October 26

Singer Mahalia Jackson Born (1911)

Mahalia Jackson, “The Queen of Gospel” inspired the world with her voice and activism! Mahalia Jackson: Walking with Kings and Queens (2015) Written by Nina Nolan with Illustration by John Holyfield
When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech, gospel singer Mahalia Jackson graced the crowd with her beautiful singing voice! Martin & Mahalia: His Words, Her Song (2013) Written by Andrea Davis Pinkney with Illustrations by Brian Pinkney

🎃National Pumpkin Day

Big, small, orange, white…which pumpkin is just right? Join this family in their pumpkin picking adventure! Pick a Pumpkin (2019) Written by Patricia Toht with Illustrations by Jarvis
Pumpkin Day is the perfect day to spend at the pumpkin patch with family! Pumpkin Day! (2015) Written by Candice F. Ransom with Illustrations by Erika Meza
The ultimate pumpkin counting book! Ten Orange Pumpkins: A Counting Book (2013) Written & Illustrated by Stephen Savage

October 27

Actress Ruby Dee Born (1922)

Ruby Dee was an actress, poet, screenwriter, and civil rights activist! This story is a retelling of a Liberian folktale of strength and leadership! Two Ways to Count to Ten: A Liberian Folktale (1988) Retold by Ruby Dee with Illustrations by Susan Maddaugh

October 28

🍫National Chocolate Day

Children will learn the rich history of the chocolate that they love so! Grandpa Cacao: A Tale of Chocolate, from Farm to Family (2019) Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon
In this adorable story Actor Taye Diggs inspires children to embrace their beautiful brown skin! Chocolate Me! (2011) Written by Taye Diggs with Illustrations by Shane W. Evans
Everyone will love chocolate after reading this story! The perfect book for chocolate lovers! I Love Chocolate (2004) Written by Davide Calì with Illustrations by Evelyn Daviddi

🗽Statute of Liberty Dedication Day

The Statute of Liberty is one-hundred thirty-three years young today, we think she’s well past due for a holiday! Lady Liberty’s Holiday (2016) Written by Jen Arena with Illustrations by Matt Hunt

October 29

🐈National Cat Day

Pete is the coolest cat in the universe! Boogie down with him and his friends in this funky book! Pete the Cate and the Cool Cat Boogie (2017) Written by Kimberly & James Dean with Illustrations by James Dean
This little kitten wonders just how one gets to that big bowl of milk in the sky! Kitten’s First Full Moon (2004) Written & illustrated by Kevin Henkes

October 30

🎃National Candy Corn Day

Whether you are a fan of Candy Corn or not, you are sure to love these Candy Corn Poems! Candy Corn: Poems by James Stevenson (1999) Written & Illustrated by James Stevenson
Julius just cannot wait for the tricks and treats of Halloween to begin! Julius’s Candy Corn (2003) Written & Illustrated by Kevin Henkes

🍭Sugar Addiction Awareness Day

Could you go a day without sugar? See how this family did so in this sweet bilingual book! A Day Without Sugar/Un día sin azúcar (2012) Written by Diana de Anda with Illustrations by Janet Montecalvo

October 31

🚪National Doorbell Day

As you doorbell may ring over, and over, and over again tonight celebrate Doorbell Day with this classic story! The Doorbell Rang (1986) Written & Illustrated by Pat Hutchins

😂National Knock-Knock Joke Day

There may even be a few knocks tonight, treat them with a Knock-Knock Joke! Best Kids’ Knock-Knock Jokes Ever! Volume 1 (2018)

📚Books for Treats Day

The look children will give you when you pass out books instead of treats tonight! Miss Brooks is determined to get Missy to love books just as she does! Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I Don’t) (2010) Written by Barbara Bottner with Illustrations by Michael Emberley


A spooky bilingual poem about all that’s afoot on Halloween night! Los Gatos Black on Halloween (2006) Written by Marissa Montes with Illustrations by Yuyi Morales
Winifred Schnitzel’s bedroom has become overrun by monsters, but she knows the one thing they are afraid of! Monster Trouble (2015) Written by Lane Fredrickson with Illustrations by Michael Robertson
For some children the monsters, ghouls, and ghost of Halloween may cause anxiety and fear. Tommy’s mom understands this and helps him to work through his fears so he can join in the Halloween fun! Halloween Monster (1990) Written & Illustrated by Catherine Stock
Mae proves that even the littlest mummy can have some big dance moves! The Littlest Mummy (2018) Written by Brandi Dougherty with Illustrations by Michelle Lisa Todd
Grandma Beetle will not be tricked by old Senor Calavera! Children can count along in Spanish as Grandma Beetle outwits him! Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book (2003) Written & Illustrated by Yuyi Morales
Make friends with Leo the ghost who loves to do the same things as you! Leo: A Ghost Story (2015) Written by Mac Barnett with Illustrations by Christian Robinson
It’s no Trick that the Berenstain Bears always Treat us to a lesson that we all can use! The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat (1989) Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain with Illustrations by Jan Berenstain
Will Arthur make it through the spookiest day of the year? Arthur’s Halloween (1982) Written & Illustrated by Marc Brow

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