Ruby Bridges

September 8, 1954: Ruby Bridges Born
▪Ruby Bridges was the first African America student to desegregate William Frantz Public School in New Orleans, Louisiana

▪Bridges was born in Tylertown, Mississippi, and moved with her family to New Orleans when she was four

▪In 1960 a federal court in Louisiana ordered that all public schools desegregate

▪Bridges passed the school board test to determine which African American students would attend the all-white schools, Bridges was enrolled in first grade at the William Frantz Public School

▪Bridges first day at William Frantz was on November 14, 1960 due to attempts by lawmakers to slow down integration, she began the school year at her previous school

▪Federal Marshals escorted Bridges to her first day of school at William Frantz, an angry crowd was there to greet her with racist chants, screams and shouts

▪Bridges and her mother spent her first day in the school office, as white parents pulled their students out of the school throughout the day

▪On her second day of school Bridges was the only student in her first grade class

▪By December William Frantz had a total enrollment of only eighteen students

▪Bridges’ second year at Willam Frantz began without a Federal Marshal escort, no protestors, and many more classmates
The Story of Ruby Bridges (1995)
Written by: Robert Coles
Illustrated by: George Ford
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Through My Eyes (1999)
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