Wiil Waal: A Somali Folktale

July 1, 1960: Somalia’s Independence Day.


▪The Republic of Somalia was established after gaining independence from Britain and Italy
▪Somalia is an East African Country on the Horn of Africa
▪Somalia is bordered by the Countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti
▪Somalia is also bordered by the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean
▪The Capital of Somalia is Mogadishu
▪Somalia has beautiful waterfalls, tropical forest, mosques, ancient and medieval cities
▪Official languages spoken in Somalia include; Cushitic (Afro-Asiatic Language family), Arabic, Swahili, Italian and English
▪Somalia has a long history of civil war and famine from which many of it’s citizens are so desperately fleeing from to this day
Book Feature: Wiil Waal: A Somali Folktale (2007)
Retold by: Kathleen Moriarty
Translated by: Jamal Adam
Illustrated by: Amin Amir
Wiil Waal is a retelling of a traditional Somali folktale. A sultan poses a riddle that the men of the land must solve. When one poor mans daughter advises her father astonishing results occur! This description is from the Minnesota Humanities Center who published this book through the Somali Bilingual Book Project. For a free download of Will Waal and additional bilingual books featuring Somali folktales visit: mnhum.org

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