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Since beginning Lulu’s Book Journey I have discovered that the best way to teach Lulu Our History is through Children’s Picture Books! Picture Books are a fun, informative, and effective resource to teach Lulu History Lessons as a supplement to what she is learning in school! As we Discover Ourselves Through Stories, we Connect the (D.O.T.S.) from Our History to who we are today! The History Lessons and Picture Book resources below provide a basic introduction for children as to the people and events which have shaped our world!



Known as, “The mother of the freedom movement”, Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist. She was also the secretary of the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP.


On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the Montgomery city bus to a white man. This sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Montgomery Alabama. The Boycott would last until December 20, 1956 when the law was finally change.


Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born on February 4, 1913. She passed at the age of 92 on October 24, 2005.


Rosa Parks was born in Montgomery, Alabama (Southern United States)


In 1955 there were laws that segregated people by race. These were called Jim Crow Laws. Montgomery Alabama had an ordinance that segregated bus passengers by race. The first four rows were reserved for white people, it was common practice for bus drivers to force black passengers to move when there were no white-only seats available. Rosa Parks road the city bus to and from work each day. On December 1, 1955 after work Parks boarded the bus and sat in the first row of the “colored” section. As the bus began to fill to capacity the driver moved the “colored” section back one row and told Parks to move. Parks did not move from her row, she scooted over in her seat towards the window. The driver told her to move or else he would call the police. Parks replied, “You may do that.” Parks was tired. Tired of being told where she could sit, eat, drink, stand, use the restroom. Tired! Parks said she was, “…tired of giving in.” Like so many others were.

Parks was arrested and charged with a violation of the ordinance. On December 4, 1955 plans for the Montgomery Bus Boycott were announced at local community churches and there was even a front page article in the local paper! That following rainy day Monday instead of boarding busses the people walked and car pooled to their destinations! This went on for nearly one year! And on December 21, 1956 the law changed! Now anyone can sit anywhere they like on the Montgomery City bus and not be forced to give up there seat!

Words to Know

Prejudice -A preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

Discrimination-The unjust or prejudicial treatment of people or things especially on the basis of race, age, or sex

Segregation-The separation or isolation of a race, class, or ethnic group

Jim Crow-Ethnic discrimination especially against blacks by legal enforcement or traditional sanctions

Civil Rights-The basic rights that every citizen has under the laws of the government

Boycott-To engage in a concerted refusal to have dealings with (a person, store, organization) usually to express disapproval or to force acceptance of certain conditions

How You Can Learn More!

When Rosa Parks Went Fishing (2017)

Written by: Rachel Ruiz

Illustrated by: Chiara Fedele

Rosa Parks: Little People, Big Dreams (2017)*

Written by: Lisbeth Kaiser

Illustrated by: Marta Antelo

*Also available as a Board Book!

Rosa’s Bus (2017)

Written by: Jo S. Kittinger

Illustrated by: Steven Walker

I Am Rosa Parks (2014)

Written by: Brad Meltzer

Illustrated by: Christopher Eliopoulous

Boycott Blues: How Rosa Parks Inspired a Nation (2008)

Written by: Andrea Davis Pinkney

Illustrated by: Brian Pinkney

The Story of Rosa Parks (2007)

Written by: Patricia Pingry

Illustrated by: Steven Walker

Rosa (2005)

Written by: Nikki Giovanni

Illustrated by: Bryan Collier

If a Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks (1999)

Written & Illustrated by: Faith Ringgold

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