Lulu’s “S” List: Diverse Authors of Children’s Literature

*Lulu & Mom have enjoyed reading these books aloud together!

**Read by Mom only…Lulu needs to be a little bit older before enjoying this book!

All other titles are TO BE READ…Our list will be updated as we continue our Book Journey and discover new authors!

Books are categorized as follows: Picture Books, Early Readers, Poetry, Chapter Books (Elementary School Age), YA (Young Adult/Middle Grades), Grown Folks, Historical


Erika SΓ‘nchez


I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter (2017)


Roselyn SΓ‘nchez

Picture Book

Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha Cha (2017)*


Connie Schofield-Morrison

Picture Books

I Got the Rhythm (2014)*

I Got the Christmas Spirit (2018)*


Ilyasah Shabazz

Picture Book

Malcolm Little: The Boy Who Grew Up to Become Malcolm X (2014)* Historical Bio.

Chapter Books

X: A Novel (2015)

Betty Before X (2018) Historical Bio.

Grown Folks

Growing Up X (2003)


Ntozake Shange

Picture Books

Float Like a Butterfly (2002)* Historical Bio.

Ellington was not a Street* (2004) Historical

Coretta Scott (2009)* Historical Bio.

We the Troubled Waters (2009) Historical

Freedom’s a-Callin’ Me (2012) Historical

Grown Folks

For Colored Girls Who have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf (1976)

Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo (1982)

Betsy Brown (1985)

Some Sing, Some Cry (2010)**


Gente Shaw

Picture Book

Chloe’s Curls (2017)


Arlyne B. Simon, Ph.D.

Picture Book

Abby Invents Unbreakable Crayons (2018)


Irene Smalls

Picture Books

Irene and the Big, Fine Nickel (1991)

Jonathan and His Mommy (1992)

Dawn and the Round-To-It (1994)

Irene Jennie and the Christmas Masquerade (1996) Historical Fiction

Because You’re Lucky (1997)

A Strawbeater’s Thanksgiving (1998) Historical Fiction

Kevin and His Dad (1999)

Don’t Say Ain’t (2003)

My Nana and Me (2005)*

My Pop Pop and Me (2006)*

Early Reader

I Can’t Take a Bath! (2003) Level 2 [1-2]


Charles R. Smith, Jr.

Picture Book

Brown Sugar Babies (2000)

Loki & Alex: The Adventures of a Dog and His Best Friend (2001)

Perfect Harmony: A Musical Journey with the Boys Choir of Harlem (2002)

I Am America (2003)*

Let’s Play Basketball! (2004)

Let’s Play Baseball! (2006)

Dance with Me (2008)

Black Jack: The Ballad of Jack Johnson (2010) Historical Bio.

I Am the World (2013)

28 Days: Moments in Black history that Changed the World (2015)

Graphic Novel

The Mighty 12: Superheroes of Greek Myth (2008)


Hope Anita Smith


The Way a Door Closes (2003)

Keeping the Night Watch (2008)

Mother Poems (2009)

My Daddy Rules the World: Poems about Dad (2017)


Will Smith

Picture Book

Just the Two of Us (2005)*


Nivea Smothers

Picture Book

N is for Nivea (2018)


Sonia Sotomayer~Bronx, New York

Picture Book

Turning Pages: My Life Story (2018)* Historical Bio.

Chapter Book

The Beloved World of Sonia Sotomayor (2018)

Grown Folks

My Beloved World (2014)


Traci Sorell

Picture Book

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga (2018)*


Doreen Spicer-Dannelly

Chapter Book

Love Double Dutch! (2018)**


Javaka Steptoe

Picture Books

In Daddy’s Arms I Am Tall: African Americans Celebrating Fathers (1997)

The Jones Family Express (2003)

Radiant Child: The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (2016)* Historical Bio.


John Steptoe

Picture Books

Stevie (1969)

Uptown (1970)

Train Ride (1971)

Jeffrey Bear Cleans Up His Act (1983)

The Story of Jumping Mouse (1984)

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters (1987)*

Baby Says (1988)

Creativity (1997)

Birthday (1997)


Bettye Stroud

Picture Books

Down Home at Miss Dessa’s (1996)

Dance Y’All (2001)

The Leaving (2001) Historical

The Patchwork Quilt: A Quilt Map to Freedom (2007)* Historical

Belle, The Last Mule at Gee’s Bend: A Civil Rights Story (2016) Historical

Chapter Book

The Reconstruction Era (2007) Historical


Angela C. Styles

Picture Book

Hair (2018)*


Crystal Swain-Bates~Atlanta, Georgia

Picture Books

Big Hair, Don’t Care (2013)*

Naturally Me! (2014)

Supermommy (2014)

No Wheat for Me, I’m Gluten-Free! (2015)

Brown Girls Club: Meet the Girls (2016)

I’m a Pretty Princess (2016)

I’m a Big Sister (2017)

I’m a Big Brother (2017)

Grown Folks

How to Go Natural Without Going Broke (2013)

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