Lulu’s “R” List: Diverse Authors of Children’s Literature

*Lulu & Mom have enjoyed reading these books aloud together!

**Read by Mom only…Lulu needs to be a little bit older before enjoying this book!

All other titles are TO BE READ…Our list will be updated as we continue our Book Journey and discover new authors!

Books are categorized as follows: Picture Books, Early Readers, Poetry, Chapter Books (Elementary School Age), YA (Young Adult/Middle Grades), Grown Folks, Historical


Calvin Alexander Ramsey~Baltimore, Maryland

Picture Books

Ruth and the Green Book (2010)* Historical

Belle, The Last Mule at Gee’s Bend: A Civil Rights Story (2011) Historical


The Green Book: A Play (2014) Historical


Julieann T. Randall~Kingston, Jamaica

Chapter Book

Jade’s Journey : The Newness (2018)


LaTisha Redding

Picture Book

Calling the Water Drum (2016)*


Pamela C. Rice

Picture Books

Aaron’s Dream (2015)

Rufus Finds a Prize (2015)

When the Brown Bird Flies (2016)

The Painting Speaks (2016)

I Can Smell the Rain (2016)

Daisy’s Bright Idea (2016)

Effie’s Gift From the Wild (2017)

Whistle Watch at Uncle Willie’s House (2017)

Oni and Nicholas (2017)

The Sugar Cane Ride (2018)


Faith Ringgold

Board Books

Cassie’s Colorful Day (1999)

Counting to Tar Beach (1999)

Picture Books

Tar Beach (1991)*

Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad (1992) Historical Bio.

Dinner at Aunt Connie’s House (1993)

My Dream of Martin Luther King (1995) Historical Bio.

If a Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks (1999) Historical Bio.

The Invisible Princess (1999)

Cassie’s Word Quilt (2002)

Henry Ossawa Tanner: His Boyhood Dream Comes True (2011) Historical Bio.

Harlem Renaissance Party (2015)* Historical Bio.

We Came to America (2016)*


Ariane Roberts

Picture Book

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair (2017)*


David Alexander Robertson

Picture Book

When We Were Alone (2016)* Historical

Graphic Novels

Stone (2010)

Ends/Begins (2010)

Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story (2012)

The Peacemaker: Thanadelthur (2014)

The Ballad of Nancy April: Shawnadithit (2014)

The Chief: Mistahmaskwa (2016)


Rahma Rodaah~Hargeisa, Somalia

Picture Books

Muhimah’s Quest (2017)*

Little Brother for Sale (2018)


Cecilia Ruiz~Mexico City, Mexico

Picture Book

A Gift from Abuela (2018)


Rachel Ruiz

Picture Books

When Penny Met Potus (2016)*

When Rosa Parks Went Fishing (2017) Historical Bio.

When Hillary Clinton Played Ice Hockey (2017) Historical Bio.

Chapter Books

Super Hero Henry: The Super Hero Project (2017)

Super Hero Henry: The Runaway Robot (2017)

Super Hero Henry: The Recess Bully (2017)

Super Hero Henry: The Wild Field Trip (2017)

Graphic Novel

Great Live: Martin Luther King Jr. (2019)


Melodye Benson Rosales

Picture Books

Twas’ the Night B’fore Christmas (1996)*

Leola and the Honeybears (1999)*

Chapter Book

Minnie Saves the Day (2001)


Erin Danielle Russell

Picture Book

How to Trick the Tooth Fairy (2018)* Historical Bio.


Kathryn Russell-Brown

Picture Book

Little Melba and Her Big Trombone (2014)

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