Lulu’s “K” List: Diverse Authors of Children’s Literature

*Lulu & Mom have enjoyed reading these books aloud together!

**Read by Mom only…Lulu needs to be a little bit older before enjoying this book!

All other titles are TO BE READ…Our list will be updated as we continue our Book Journey and discover new authors!

Books are categorized as follows: Picture Books, Early Readers, Poetry, Chapter Books (Elementary School Age), YA (Young Adult/Middle Grades), Grown Folks, Historical


Wanuri Kahiu~Nairobi

Picture Book

The Wooden Camel (2017)


William Kamkwamba~Malawi

Chapter Book

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2009) Historical Bio.


Yolanda King

Picture Books

Curlilocks and the Three Pink Pandas (2013)

Curlilocks and the Big Bad Hairbrush (2015)

Story Bird Dance and the Haunted Studio (2016)

Story Bird Dance and The Snowbird Ballet (2016)

Curlilocks and the Sleepy Giant (2018)


Jeanette Kwakye~England

Picture Book

Femi the Fox: A Pot of Jollof (2017)

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