Lulu’s “I” List: Diverse Authors of Children’s Literature

*Lulu & Mom have enjoyed reading these books aloud together!

**Read by Mom only…Lulu needs to be a little bit older before enjoying this book!

All other titles are TO BE READ…Our list will be updated as we continue our Book Journey and discover new authors!

Books are categorized as follows: Picture Books, Early Readers, Poetry, Chapter Books (Elementary School Age), YA (Young Adult/Middle Grades), Grown Folks, Historical


Paloma Sánchez Ibarzábal~Madrid

Picture Books

Si yo fuera un gato/ If I Were a Cat (2016)

Early Readers

Pirata Plin, pirate Plan (2015)

El brujo del viento (2018)

Simón Miedoso

Osito Coco está triste

Nadie ve las cosas como Rosalin/ Nobody Sees Things as Rosalin Does


Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl~Uganda

Picture Books

Sleep Well, Siba and Saba (2017)*

Sing to the Moon (2018)


Susanna Isern

Picture Books

Kiwi: A Rather Strange Bird (2012)

I Wasn’t Invited to the Birthday (2016)

The Lonely Mailman (2017)

Bear Hug (2017)

The Music of the Sea (2017)

Little Bear, the Old Giraffe and the Stone Wall (2017)

Queen Panda Can’t Sleep (2018)

Daniela the Pirate (2018)


Isol~Buenos Aires

Picture Books

Petit, El Monstruo/ Petit, The Monster (2007)

Tener un patito es util/ It’s Useful to Have a Duck (2009)

La Bella Griselda/ The Beautiful Griselda (2010)

Noctune: Dream Recipes (2012)

Imposible: Impossible (2018)

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