You Are Beautiful, You Are Wonderful, You Are Strong…You Are You!


Title: Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me! (2018)

Author: Hannah Carmona Dias

Illustrator: Dolly Georgieva-Gode

Published By: Eifrig Publishing


We are honored and privileged to have received this Beautiful, Wonderful Book from the author, Hannah C. Dias as part of her launch team! This beauty releases this Friday, September 14! Beautifully illustrated by Dolly Georgieva-Gode, this book sends an important message that you are beautiful, wonderful, and strong just by being who YOU are!


Lilly is a little girl who is confident in who she is! She wakes up each morning celebrating her unique self! Lilly knows she may look different from her friends, but she also knows that is exactly makes her so special!

Lilly’s wild and curly hair, dark beautifully tan skin, and freckles may be different from her friends but that is what makes her who she is!

Lilly’s friends question WHAT she is! “You look so unique…”, ” Is your family Hispanic or maybe Egyptian? Indian, Brazilian, or a little Sicilian?”, “Are you white with some black?…”, “Do you speak Portuguese Or Spanish at all?”

We have all asked or been asked these types of questions. “WHAT are you?” What am I? Do we ever stop to think how these questions make people feel? Do we define ourselves by our outward appearance or by what is within? I am a person, a human being, I am ME!

Lilly reminds us that the way she looks, “…Is not all I’m about.” Lilly let’s us know she is sassy, smart, courageous, brilliant, fierce, resilient…

“I am not a puzzle to figure out.” I love this part of the story! Lilly is saying, you do not have to figure me out, all that I am stands before you! See me for my character, for my thoughts, my ideas, my charisma, SEE ME! Yes, I may look different but that is what makes Me, Me!

Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me! Is an excellent book to read with young children to build self-esteem and confidence! A wonderful message of celebrating individualism and uniqueness!

Thank You to Hannah C. Dias and Efrig Publishing once again for sending us a copy of this awesome book! We have truly enjoyed reading and sharing Lilly’s beautiful message!


Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me! Is Dias’ debut picture book! Pick up your copy this Friday, September 14! And be sure to visit  to learn more about Dias and her writings!

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