Being DIFFERENT Is What Makes You Who You Are!

Disclosure: Thank You to Davon Clark and ADC Kid for providing us with a copy of, You are DIFFERENT, to read and share! This review us based upon our own personal reading journey and all opinions are our own!


Published in: 2018

Author: Davon Clark

Illustrator: T. Leontyeva

Publisher: ADC Kid

Each and every one of us is different! From the way we look, act, think and speak! To the way we dress, food we like to eat, things we like to do and people we choose to be around and love! These are the very things that make us who we are! The very things that make us special and unique! As we grow and learn we begin to value, appreciate and positively express our differences!

As children we are all natural imitators! As infants and toddlers this is a very important trait because this is how we learn best! This is how we learn to talk, walk, play and interact with others! As we grow older we develop a sense of independence and our own identity. This identity is often in line with what is popular at the moment! What everybody is wearing, watching, doing, listening to, dancing to, etc… All is well if you genuinely enjoy these things, but what if you don’t? What if you want to wear something different, do another activity, listen and dance to a different beat? Well…it’s okay!!! It is okay to be DIFFERENT!!!

Embracing and expressing your differences is exactly what will make you into the individual you are destin to be! Your differences are what set you apart and make you stand out from everyone else! Draw strength from your differences and use this strength to do, be and go anywhere in life you choose!



The author of, You Are DIFFERENT, Davon Clark based this book upon a poem he penned celebrating our differences! Clark is an educator and also works in entertainment! He developed ADC Kids to educate, empower, enlighten and promote literary within the community and among children!

Read more about Davon Clark, his works, other books he has published and ADC Kid, in an article he was recently featured in the “BE Modern Man” section of Black Enterprise!


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Thank you once again to Davon Clark and ADC Kid for providing us with the opportunity to read, You Are DIFFERENT!

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