I Can Do This, I Can!

Disclosure: Thank you to Davina Hamilton and The Ella Riley Group for sending us, Riley Knows He Can, to review! This review is based on own personal reading journey! All opinions are our own!


Published in 2018

Author: Davina Hamilton

Illustrator: Elena Reinoso

Publisher: The Ella Riley Group


Our Journey with Riley:

Riley is a little boy who has big dreams of being King! King in his school play that is! But like most young budding actors, Riley is nervous! True, he had been practicing very hard, and is proud and excited of his role, yet that does not ease his nerves!

Riley’s big sister Ella comforts him with words of encouragement, but Riley still has his doubts. “What if I freeze? Or what if I walk on stage and I sneeze?” Ella reminds Riley to just keep telling himself, “I can do this, I can!”

Riley receives more words of encouragement from his Daddy before school. Daddy reassures Riley that him and Mummy will be front and center cheering him on, and that he should be sure just try to have fun!


When it is time to prepare for the play, Riley full of confidence, excitedly puts on his cape and crown and joins his friends!

Stepping onto stage, Riley spots his parents right where Daddy said they would be! But, uh-oh, nerves strike again when he sees all of the OTHER people in the crowd besides his parents! He quickly remembers Ella’s words, “I can do this, I can!” And you know what? He did!πŸ‘‘


Riley Knows He Can, is a great book to read with children about being confident and believing in yourself! We can all use Ella’s mantra, “I can do this, I can!”, in our everyday lives! This book also shows how important family support and encouragement is! Riley became the best King he could be because his family believed in him, and were there for him every step of the way!


About the Author

Davina Hamilton is an author from the United Kingdom, she currently resides in Londan with her family. Hamilton spent many, many years as a journalist and editor for, The Voice, a U.K. newspaper focusing on black issues, where she wrote on many matters concerning black identity. Hamilton began writing children’s books portraying characters like Riley, so that her children and all children around the world, can see themselves represented in children’s literature! Riley Knows He Can, sends and important message with fun text written in rhyme!

Read more about Davina Hamilton in her March 2018 Huffingtonpost article: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/davina-hamilton/black-representation-books_a_23389711/


Riley Knows He Can, is the second book in Hamilton’s Riley series! Be sure to also check out, Riley Can Be Anything!


Connect and learn more about Davina Hamilton:


Twitter: @davina_writes

Instagram: @rileycanbeanything


Once again, thank you Davina Hamilton and The Ella Riley Book Group for sending us your wonderful book and letting us all know…We can do this!πŸ‘‘

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