Diverse Children’s Books You Need To Read!

Nana love and Grandma’s helpers, wheels that help you get from here to there and please, do stare at our big curly hair! More diverse books by diverse authors we love!

My Nana and Me (2006)

Author: Irene Smalls

Illustrator: Cathy Ann Johnson

📚Who is the best at playing tea party, dress-up, hide-and-seek and pat-a-cake? Nana, of course! Who lets you braid her hair and tickles your nose as you take a bubbly bath? Nana! Who tells you stories and lays next to you until you fall fast asleep? That’s right, Nana!

The Patchwork Quilt (1985)

Author: Valerie Flournoy

Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney

📚This story celebrates the bond between Tanya and her Grandmother as they create a family heirloom together!

Grandma’s List (2018)

Author: Portia Dery

Illustrator: Toby Newsome

📚Fatima is a spunky eight-and-a-half year old determined to prove to her family that she too can help out! When Granny entrust Fatima with her to do list Fatima seizes her wonderful opportunity! But in all of her excitement Fatima loses Granny’s list on the way to town! Will Fatima be able to remember all the task she is suppose to complete to Granny’s satisfaction?

Sister Girl and the Training Wheels (2016)

Author: Nicole Fenner

📚Sister Girl is ready to take off into the big wide world and all she needs is a bike to do it! So off to the store with Dad, she picks out a cool new sparkly bike and is all ready to go! But who knew taking off into the world would be so hard? Not to worry, Dad comes to the rescue with just what Sister Girl needs!

Chloe’s Curls (2016)

Author: Genté Shaw

Illustrator: Mitch Antonio

📚Celebrate your curls, embrace your curls, pamper your curls, moisturize your curls, style your curls, love your curls! Included after Chloe’s story is a hair guide for all things curly!

Big Hair, Don’t Care! (2013)

Author: Crystal Swain-Bates

Illustrator: Megan Bair

📚This title speaks for itself! Now put your hands in the air, wave them around like you just don’t care and celebrate your big hair!!!


Definately much love and celebrating with this selection of books! Hope you find one you love! Until the next Journey…

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