Diverse Children’s Books You Need to Read!

Freedom, secrets, superstars, adventures and so much love! Eight diverse books written by six diverse authors you need to read!

The Secret Olivia Told Me (2017)

Author: N. Joy

Illustrator: Nancy Devard

📚Can you keep a secret? Then I will let you in on one! Reading this book will show you the importance of trust in a friendship. Witness a secret as it spreads, grows bigger until eventually it POPS!

Almost To Freedom (2003)

Author: Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Illustrator: Colin Bootman

📚A journey on the Underground Railroad leads one little girl and her family towards freedom but along the way she loses a precious friend.

Red Kite, Blue Kite (2013)

Author: Ji-li Jang

Illustrator: Greg Ruth

📚A boy, his Baba and their kites! An endearing story of love and separation during the Cultural Revolution in China. Beautifully told and illustrated!

Lotus & Feather (2016)

Author: Ji-li Jiang

Illustrator: Julie Downing

📚Another beauty by Ji-li Jiang! Lotus is a lonely young girl without a voice who plays sad songs with her reed whistle. Lotus finds a friend and companion in an injured crane she nurses back to health and names, “Feather.” Lotus’ whistle now plays happy tunes! But like all birds, Feather must soon leave the nest! Will Lotus ever see her dear friend again?

Starring Carmen! (2017)

Author: Anika Denise

Illustrator: Lorena Alvarez Gómez

📚Carmen is a sensación of her own making! She does not need, nor does she desire, a co-star, even if it is her adorable little brother! All she needs is an audience to watch and applaud her! But even a star can wear out her audience! Can Carmen turn her show around to include her biggest fan?

Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest. Chapter Book Series (2015)

Author: Marti Dumas

Illustrator: Marie Muravski

📚Join whiz-kid Jaden Toussaint on his adventures of fighting FOR more screen time in Episode 1 and AGAINST aliens in Episode 2!

Miami Jackson Gets it Straight (1999)

Authors: Patricia & Fredrick McKissack

Illustrator: Michael Chesworth

📚Get things straight and your summer started right with Miami Jackson! Then continue the reading fun with additional titles in Miami’s Stepping Stone Series!

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