This Week’s Diverse Children’s Books!

7 Super-Awesome Diverse Children’s Books by 7 Super-Awesome Diverse Authors!


Sweet Music in Harlem (2004)

Author: Debbie A. Taylor

Illustrator: Frank Morrison

📚C.J. loves and idolizes his Uncle Click! When Uncle Click loses his signature hat before his big photo shoot, C.J. is determined to find it! Soon Uncle Click’s photo shoot becomes a neighborhood event! This story is based upon an actual photo of Jazz legends in a Harlem neighborhood taken in 1958!

Ty’s One-man Band (1980)

Author: Mildred Pitts Walter

Illustrator: Margot Tomes

📚If you have never seen or do not believe in a One-man Band this is the book for you! Join young Ty as he brings wonderment and joy to his town!

Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut (2017)

Author: Derrick Barnes

Illustrator: Gordan C. James

📚A powerful book with a powerful message to young boys and the beauty of their crown!

Coretta Scott (2009)

Author: Ntozake Shange

Illustrator: Kadir Nelson

📚Celebrate the life and legacy of Coretta Scott King in this beautifully illustrated poetic tribute!

Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Book 1 (2016)

Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Illustrator: Brian Stelfreeze

📚You have seen the movie once, twice, so many times! Continue your Wakanda journey by reading the first book in the Black Panther comic series!

The World is Awake: A celebration of everyday blessings (2018)

Author: Linsey Davis & Joseph Bottum

Illustrator: Lucy Fleming

📚This books reminds you to take time out to witness the beauty of the world around you each and everyday!

If You Look Up to the Sky (2018)

Author: Angela Dalton

Illustrator: Margarita Sikorskaia

📚Inspiring and encouraging words of wisdom from a Grandmother to her Grandchild that we can all live by!


Music, beauty, legends (real and imagined), blessings and inspiration!

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