This Week’s Diverse Children’s Books!

We enjoyed reading books by these eight diverse authors of children’s literature this past week!

All the Colors of the Earth (1994)

Author & Illustrator: Sheila Hamanaka

📚Children represent the diversity and colorfulness of our world! Hamanaka has created a beautifully illustrated book celebrating children of the world in all their differences and similarities!

The Ring Bearer (2017)

Author & Illustrator: Floyd Cooper

📚Little Jackson’s Mama is getting married and he has two big jobs! Walking the ring down the aisle without tripping, and being the best new big brother ever!

Separate is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez & Her Family’s Fight for Desegregation (2014)

Author & Illustrator: Duncan Tonatiuh

📚This is the story of the groundbreaking case, Mendez v. Westminster School District (1946). The California federal circuit court case that ruled school segregation unconstitutional! The Mendez decision came down eight years before the Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education! A must read!

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair (2013)

Author: Ariane Roberts

Illustrator: Shida Davis

📚Celebrate natural hair in all its forms and glory with Jamie, who loves her natural hair!

Swift Walker: A Space Adventure (2016)

Author: Verlyn Tarlton

Illustrator: Ravshan Karimov

📚Learn cool and interesting facts about the planets with Swift on his space adventure!

Freedom Over Me: Eleven slaves, their lives and dreams (2016)

Author & Illustrator: Ashley Bryan

📚Meet eleven people who had hopes and dreams just like we all do! Eleven people; bought, sold, stripped from their homes and culture, renamed and called slaves! Yet, they never let go of their dreams!

That is My Dream (2017)

Author: Langston Hughes

Illustrator: Daniel Miyares

📚An illustrated tribute to Langston’s poem, “Dream Variations”.

Books and Bricks: How a School Rebuilt the Community (2017)

Author: Sindiwe Magona

Illustrator: Cornelius Van Wright

📚A South African school lacking resources and constantly targeted by criminals. This is the story of how students, families and teachers came together to create a better learning environment for the community!


Until the next Journey…

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