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14 Wonderful Women To Celebrate!

March is Women’s History Month! Here are some of the Wonderful Women we have read about and celebrated so far this month!

💫Ella Fitzgerald (Jazz Singer)

Little Leaders • Vashti Harrison

💫Jane Goodall (Primatologist & Anthropologist)

💫Gwen Ifill (Journalist)

💫Ida B. Wells (Journalist & Activist)

💫Oprah Winfrey (Broadcast Journalist)

Little Leaders • Vashti Harrison

💫Mary Jackson (Mathematician)

💫Kathryn Johnson (Mathematician)

💫Dorothy Vaughn (Mathematician)

💫Ada Lovelace (Mathematician)

Rebel Girls • Elena Favilli & Francesa Cavallo

💫Miriam Makeba (Singer & Activist)

💫Maria Montessori (Physician & Educator)

💫Michelle Obama (Lawyer & First Lady)

Rebel Girls • Elena Favilli & Francesa Cavallo

💫Phillis Wheatley (Poet)

Little Leaders • Vashti Harrison

💫Malala Yousafzai (Education Activist)

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