Little Brothers & Little Sisters…🕶A Lulu Looks Forward To Book Review!

•Little Brothers & Little Sisters (2018)

•Monica Arnaldo

•Owlkids Books

•Publishes April 15, 2018

Monica Arnaldo beautifully illustrates the special relationship and bond between siblings in, Little Brothers & Little Sisters! Younger siblings often look up to their older siblings for guidance and protection. Older siblings are the first role model for the younger sibling. Older siblings are often happy and proud to lead the way as long as the little ones do not get underfoot!

Siblings have a very special, unique, and sometimes complicated bond. And there is always a lot of give and take in the relationship!

But at the end of each day brothers and sisters, young and old, are always there for each other. To lift one another up whenever one needs a hand!

This is an awesome book for siblings of all ages to share and celebrate their life long friendship and love for one another!


Little Brothers & Little Sisters was received courtesy of Owlkids Books and Netgalley. This review is based on my own reading and opinions.

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