Wallpaper🕶A Lulu Looks Forward To…Book Review!

Title: Wallpaper

Author & Illustrator: Thao Lam

Publisher: Owlkids Books

Publication Date: April 15, 2018


Wallpaper is a wordless beauty of a story! I love wordless picture books as they provide you with an opportunity to tell the story your own way and in your own voice! The best part about wordless books is that the story changes each and every time you read it!


Wallpaper opens up with an image of a somewhat sad little girl surrounded by boxes in her bedroom of the new family home. A little girl who has left a life she was accustomed to and familiar with to one that is new and perhaps a little bit uncomfortable and scary! When she hears a familar sound outside of her window…the voices of children!

She peeks out the window trying to stay hidden as not to draw attention to herself. Wow! What a cool tree house! And there are three kids…uh oh! Did they see me?

As we follow this story we see a little girl who is a bit sad, shy and apprehensive about her new home, unfamilar people and surroundings. A little girl who finds a secret world hidden in the layers of wallpaper on her bedroom walls!

You never know what is underneath a situation until you begin to peel back the layers! This little girl finds a world of wonder upon her bedroom walls that gives her the courage to explore the unknown!

Wallpaper is an excellent book to share with children who may have moved to a new home, school, or community. This story would be ideal for children going through any type of life changes. There is a certain therapeutic value to wordless books! They provide an opportunity for children to express themselves using their own words, thoughts, and, expression, and emotions. This book can be used to ease the worry and stress that comes along with any new and unfamilar situation or environment.

At the end of the story we see a little girl who has conquered her fears and is ready to step out bravely into her new world!

Wallpaper was received courtesy of Owlkids Books and Netgalley. This review is based on my own opinions.

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