Keep Calm!

Title: It’s Great to Keep Calm (2017)

Author: Jordan Collins

Illustrated By: Stuart Lynch

Published By: Make Believe Ideas


This Teaching Values Tuesday we focus on the value of remaining calm and being patient.  This is an important value that is beneficial for everyone to learn and practice in life.  Life is not easy and does not always go as planned.  But any hiccups, challenges, or obstacles are best met by one who can calmly work through them.  This value is best when learned at a young age and practiced through every stage in life.

In this story we meet little Carly.  Carly loves making art and thinks she is rather good at it!  On this particular day the class was to make sock puppets, and Carly was determined to make the best sock puppet in the class!  Making a sock puppet soon proved not to be as easy as it seemed for Carly.  Carly started to frown, but kept trying.  When everyone was finished making their sock puppet Carly wondered why hers did not look as good as theirs.  Jack, one of her classmates, offered to help her.  Carly yelled, “No!”, and stated she could do it herself.  Her frustration built up as she was angry with herself and everyone in the classroom!  Carly attempted to begin her sock puppet again, but when it fell on the floor Carly became overwhelmed and stomped on it!  She began to cry because she really did want to make a sock puppet.  Jack, once again offers to help Carly, but this time with some calm down techniques for when she gets upset.  TAKE DEEP BREATHS.  GIVE YOURSELF A HUG.  We can all use these techniques when we feel frustration building.  It worked for Carly, soon she was relaxed!  She apologized for yelling at Jack and together they made her sock puppet!

This is a great book to read to children so they can begin to develop some calming down techinques of their own.  Not all techiniques work for everyone so we must all figure out what works best for us.  Some people may need to totally remove themselves from the environment to calm down, take a walk, count backwards, pound on a punching bag, etc…  But it is important to find what works for you so you will be prepared to face whatever comes your way!


Favorite line in this book: “Everyone looses their temper sometimes.”


This book is part of the, Let’s Get Along series.  These books address a variety of emotions and situations children experience during childhood and ways to manage them.

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