Title: The New Small Person (2014)

Author: Lauren Child

Published By: Scholastic


It is Family Friday and we are introducing someone New!  The New Small Person!  This New Small Person definately changes the family structure and routine!  Sometimes this New Small Person causes some chaos and disruption of the norm.  And sometimes this New Small Person may cause the Older Big Person to experience feelings of jealousy, feelings of being left out and ignored, feelings of resentment, feelings of losing their place and space in the family, etc…  Elmore Green went through these feelings and emotions when his mom and dad brought home The New Small Person.  Elmore Green had been totally fine with and enjoyed being the only child!  He had his own room, toys, T.V., and jelly beans! (Elmore especially loved the orange jelly beans!)  But the best thing he had as the only child was his parents undivided and constant attention.  Elmore Green did not understand the fuss over The New Small Person because he did not do much of anything!  He soon began to feel jealous, thinking that everyone liked The New Small Person more than him.  Elmore Green did not want The New Small Person watching his T.V., touching his things (especially not his jelly beans!)  Elmore Green did not understand why his parent’s could not just send The New Small Person back where he came from!  Eventually The New Small Person began to walk and talk, he even moved into Elmore Green’s room and wearing his old clothes! (The nerve!)  But the more The New Small Person grew the more he grew on Elmore Green.  And one night when Elmore Green has a bad dream, The New Small Person chases the scaries away for him!  They are best buds after that, Elmore Green and Albert! (Elmore Green still did not share his orange jelly beans with Albert though!)

Favorite line in this book: “It was nice to have someone there in the dark when the scaries were around.”

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