A Frog for Dinner!

Title: Frog Goes To Dinner (1974)

Author: Mercer Mayer

Published by: Puffin Books


Our classic children’s book for this Throwback Thursday is, Frog Goes To Dinner.   This is a wordless classic about a boy, his frog, and a disaster of a dinner.  Lulu and I love reading wordless books as we can make up and change the story each time we read it!  This book is a fun story to tell in your own words and the illustrations by Mayer are so lively and detailed, they make the story so fun!


3 other books by Mercer Mayer:

▪A Boy, A Dog, A Frog and A Friend (1967)

▪Just Go To Bed (1983)

▪There’s Something in My Attic (1988)

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